I just totally binge-watched a 10 episode nature documentary on penguins. African penguins, aka Jackass penguins, from the sound of their braying, but there were a lot of scenes of them falling down stairs, or walking right through people’s sand castles, and other jackass behavior.
The narration (Patton Oswalt) was a bit heavy handed and corny, but the focus was on the penguins during their mating season sojourn in the lovely South African seaside town of Simon’s Town. They followed 3 or 4 penguin couples quite closely, and after the first episode it was easy to get into the lives of the Culverts (who were a young couple, their first mating season), the Bougainvilleas, who after about episode somewhere in the middle lost their mom, she swam off looking for fish and never returned, maybe a seal got her, so after that it was the story of a single dad penguin trying to raise two chicks, a very human story of struggle, and tough decisions, and sacrifice, the Wheelbarrows, an extremely prolific couple, and Lord and Lady Courtyard, who lived in the garden behind what seemed to be a quite luxurious home.
What can I say? If you love cute animal stuff, you should check it out, it’s called Penguin Town. If you don’t, then you wouldn’t like it.

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