Critical Race Theory

According to Wikipedia, critical race theory isn’t a theory at all, in the sense that the Drake equation isn’t a real equation. It’s more of a belief that race, and the racist history and structure of society, should be examined, and should be taught. I agree with that 100%
The genocide of the native people of the Americas should be taught, the evils of the slave trade should be taught, the Tulsa massacre should be taught, the disappearance of children at all the Indian schools should be examined in depth, and never forgotten.
But it’s got the right-wingers wound up to a frenzy. I haven’t seen them this outraged since everybody told them they couldn’t use that word which is an anagram of ginger any more. They’re more angry about kids learning critical things about race than they are about people not liking guns.
Still, it’s important to teach these things. They happened and anybody who actually objects to them being taught is saying they don’t want people to know the truth.
The truth is that history is not Hollywood, and the bad guys very often win. There were a whole hell of a lot of people throughout history, people we’ve held up as heroes, who were really kind of shit.
It’s time we faced that.

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