AOC, Queen of the One-Liner

Love her or hate her, and despite my agreeing with Jimmy Dore’s criticism of her I still love AOC, but either way you have to admit she is the master of social media.
Today Marjorie Taylor Greene (who I often get confused with Lauren Bobert and Kyrsten Sinema, as they are all three raving right wing lunatics vying to be the next Sarah Palin) said at a Trump rally (for some reason there are still Trump rallies) “that little communist from New York, AOC, she’s not even American, she doesn’t share our values, yeah, lock her up, too,” AOC left this comment on the video: “First of all, I’m taller than her.” Fucking brilliant. She doesn’t even need to deal with all the other lies.
So, let’s talk about them here. Communist? Well, Democratic Socialist, like Bernie. You know, saving the planet, giving everybody health care, raising the minimum wage, stuff like that. From New York, well that is true, of course. Strange how they conveniently forget (at a Trump rally) that Trump is also from New York. But New York, to the Trump crowd, the people who drive pickup trucks with gun racks , is code for ‘people who think they are better than we are’ which is most people. Then comes the zinger, though: not American. Provably false, of course, and as ridiculous as the charges that Obama was not American, but as ridiculous as the charges were, they got a lot of mileage out of them, and they’ve obviously decided it’s a tactic that will work again.
She doesn’t share our values. Well, I should hope the hell not. Greene’s values include racism, and guns, and not much else, really.
But AOC kept it low key. It seems she has learned the all important political maxim, when you wrestle with a pig, you both get muddy but the pig enjoys it.
So, just “I’m taller than her.” So cool.

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