Have You Heard About This?

In my opinion, there is no writer, no pundit who is more insightful on the subject of American politics than Caitlyn Johnstone, although sometimes she does come across as a bit strident, and permanently outraged. Understandable. The world is in the hands of greedy, short sighted bastards, who are being cheered on by hordes of people whose ignorance is far too complete to have been acquired casually, and we may be the last generation to enjoy a full lifetime of breathable air. Anyone who doesn’t sound a bit outraged is not to be trusted.
Still, when she pointed out in a blog yesterday that no mainstream media outlet had reported the story out of Iceland that Sigurdur Thordarsen, the FBI informant, embezzler, and pedophile who testified against Julian Assange back somewhere in the early two thousand teens, and was the foundation of the FBI’s case against him, has admitted that the whole thing was a made up crock of shit and he just said the things he said to stay out of prison, I was skeptical.
I mean, this is a huge fucking story. The entire case was fabricated from the start? Surely, even if the major newspapers and networks buried it on an inside page, they must have at least mentioned it, right?
Well, I just googled Sigurdur Thordarsen. I found a Wikipedia page, and a whole bunch of articles from 2013. So, I added the time filter to check only stories from the past week. Nothing on ABC, BBC, NBC, CBC, ABC, CBS, Fox or CNN. Nothing in the New York Times, the Washington Post or even, which disappointed me greatly, the Guardian. There were a lot of webpages, and one newspaper in Turkey mentioned it, but the overall picture was clear. There is a news blackout on this story.
Julian Assange should be freed immediately.

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