Cosby Already Out of Jail

This happened a few days ago and I should have written about it then, but I decided to write about something else that day, and the next day, and so it goes, but I flat out missed on writing a blog yesterday because I smoked too much pot, which is a thing that happens, frequently, and I don’t really have a good blog topic this morning, so…
Bill Cosby is out of jail. I am a bit ticked off about that, because he did rape a whole hell of a lot of women, and it truly seems like just yesterday he was convicted and sentenced. Actually, he served three years, which I guess is at least something.
He walked on a technicality. Apparently, because he wasn’t warned that anything he said could and would be used against him in a court of law, and he went ahead and talked about raping all those women, and they used that against him at trial, he gets to go free. By that logic, no confession is ever admissible, and the best way to get away with any crime is to stand on a street corner and shout “I just killed that guy, I just robbed that bank, I just stole that car and drove it through a shop window” and, since nobody told you of your rights, you are in the clear.
I can’t help thinking, though, that if somebody less famous, and less wealthy than Cosby would have tried the same argument, they’d still be sitting in jail.

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