Denial of Science

What do Sha’Carri Richardson and Global Warming have in common? They both prove that the people in charge, the people who make the important decisions, are in complete denial of science.

Most scientists agree, and by most I mean enough that it can be called a consensus, that climate change is real and it is caused by mankind. Pretty much anybody who was in the Pacific Northwest these past view days can attest that something is going on. And yet, there is no massive support in the world’s governments for planting billions of trees, building enough windmills and solar panels to generate all of the electricity needed, laying enough rail that we can dispense with automobiles, recycling everything, banning pesticides and herbicides, and doing all the other things we need to start doing right now to avoid extinction.
Because the people at the top…well, it’s not that they can’t see that far ahead, they are not ALL stupid people… it’s that they refuse to look that far ahead. They are in complete denial about science.

Sha’Carri Richardson might well be the fastest woman alive today. She qualified for the U.S. Olympic track team with a record breaking time in the 100 meters. Then she tested positive for marijuana, and she was suspended for a month. She will not be running the 100 meters at the Olympics. Now, even the most ardent proponents of marijuana don’t claim it is a performance enhancing drug. It’s not steroids. It’s not an amphetamine.
Why was marijuana ever made illegal in the first place? Well, the excuses they gave were that it was more addictive than heroin, would turn you into a crazy person, and lead to deformed babies, all of which has been scientifically proven to be complete horseshit.
Yet, tons of people are still in prison for it, and the powers that be are not ready to let go of that. Because they just don’t want to accept the science. They do not want to accept the truth.
And this puts our entire civilization in danger.

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  1. Beverly Dahlen

    I don’t have a website so I can’t enter a URL.  If this prevents me from commenting I will refrain from reading your blog.Thank you.     BD

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