A Secret Spot

A secret spot, a hidden spot, a magic spot is like existing in another dimension, an alternate universe, and that’s where tonight’s poetry reading was. I was a bit late, got lost and was wandering around for about half an hour before I found it. There’s a tiny, little alley which looks like it goes nowhere and then you come upon a staircase going all the way down the hill but just to the left there is a natural amphitheater, with benches set into the hillside, and trees surround it and there’s path into the woods off to the left, so I took a seat at the back both because I wanted to admire the view, which was trees and a panoramic view of the rooftops of Nusle, and Vyšehrad Castle (which is a bit redundant, I guess, linguistically, as Vyšehrad means high castle, and also what you see is not the castle, that’s just some ruins, but a church on the site of the castle), and in the fading light it was spectacularly beautiful, and because somebody I knew was sitting there, with his 9 year old son, who was not impressed with either the magical scene, or the poetry.
The poetry was the usual mix. Some good stuff, some bad stuff. The acoustics were great.
And it’s wonderful to find a place in Prague that I never knew existed.

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