I saw a thing on Facebook today which said, “I asked the computer to show me a ‘a brutalist amusement park’ and this is what it came up with.” I’m not going to go looking for the photo to post a link, but it was a lot of twisty concrete tunnels, surrounded by tower blocks, with a few bright, pastel colored walls and walkways below. It looked appropriately nightmarish, which I guess was the whole idea.
The thing is, I have no idea if that was actually a picture created by an AI, or just some goombah goofing around with photoshop. Could it be I have already failed on the Turing Test, that it was actually an AI creation which I assumed was just photshop, or vice versa. Could it be that we are regularly being fooled? Well, of course it could. If computers have already reached a level where they can fool 50% of us 50% of the time, they can set the agenda. And maybe they have. Maybe they are not bothered by an environment without trees, an environment with air filled with carbon particles, and temperatures of over 50% centigrade.
Which is possible. Just because they’re smarter than us, doesn’t mean they have a long-term survival strategy.

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