What the Hell is Going on in Haiti?

I must admit, Haiti was not on my radar. It’s not exactly the center of the political universe. Everybody I’ve ever met from there has been nice, but that is true of most places where you haven’t met enough people from. I know that it is, historically, a country that gets screwed over a lot.
But, I hadn’t heard any news from there for a long time, and had sort of forgotten about it. Wednesday morning, about 1 a.m., a unit of mercenaries stormed the private residence of the Haitian president, shooting him dead, and badly injuring his wife.
Nobody knows for sure who’s going to take his spot, there are a couple of people who feel they’re entitled, so it’s all kind of a big mess, and while they search for the missing suspects (17 are in custody, 3 are dead and 8 are still unaccounted for)
I have lots of questions. Didn’t he have security people at his house? Are they dead, or were they captured, or what? If he didn’t have security at his house, why did they feel the need to invade with over 20 men? And the biggest question of all is why were 28 men, 26 Colombian military, and two Haitian-American dual nationals, and precisely zero local Haitians involved.
You can take my opinions with a grain of salt because, as I say, I haven’t been keeping up on the latest manipulations in Haitian politics, but it sure smells like some CIA bullshit to me.

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