Lost in the Delta Quadrant, Again

Although I watched a movie yesterday which I highly recommend, The Good Liar with Sir Ian McKellan and Helen Mirren, I have pretty much run out of anything on Netflix I truly want to see, so I am rewatching Voyager, starting as of a couple days ago, and I’m already into season 2. I am seeing things I didn’t notice the first time around. When Tom Paris comes on board Voyager for the first time, of course, a lot of people treat him like shit because of his dishonorable service record. Notably the first officer, the pilot and the doctor.
All of them died in the first episode, giving Tom the chance to be the pilot, and opening up the slot for Chakotay to be the first officer, and of course paving the way for Robert Picardo to be the doctor and, IMO, the most interesting member of the crew. It’s not a continuity error, and it’s probably not that significant, but I thought it a bit weird that everybody who dissed Tom got killed right off the bat.
Two other things I noticed were continuity errors. In episode one, when B’ellana Torres introduces herself for the first time, she pronounces her name B’yelllana. By episode two, the y sound is dropped and nobody, not even B’ellana, ever uses it again. (I’ve often wondered, on Deep Space Nine, why some people say Bajor with a j as in jelly, and others say Bayzhor. It’s not even consistent among Bajorans. Maybe it’s a regional accent thing, with Dahkur province being different from the capitol, I don’t know. I don’t believe the issue is ever addressed) The other thing also involves B’ellana Torres. She says, somewhere in the first couple of episodes, that her father left when she was five, which sent me straight to ‘other episodes and more’ and I checked out season 7, where she is flashing back to her childhood, on a camping trip shortly before her father leaves. I’d have guessed twelve or thirteen. My wife said she looked about ten. Definitely not five.
But, I am enjoying the binge, by and large. I skip past all episodes with the Vidiians, because that’s an aspect of the franchise I don’t care for. Aliens can be near-human and exotic, like Vulcans or Bajorans, or they can be intimidating like Klingons or Cardassians or Borg, or they can be pure energy beings, but I don’t care for it when they are just plain gross. It’s actually an interesting plot line, an ethical dilemma, but yuck.

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