Underground Music

I would like to apologize to the busker who was playing in the tunnel that goes between Žižkov and Karlin at about 6:30 this afternoon. Honestly, I had no change in my pocket, the smallest I had was 200 crowns, and that’s outside my busker budget.
If you had been an average, uninspired busker I wouldn’t be giving this a second thought. Sometimes I give, sometimes I don’t. Whatever. But, you were better than that.
As I entered the tunnel I could hear you, clear as a bell. I think the difference is, you totally owned the space. It’s an arched ceiling, so the acoustics are good in that you can hear lots of sounds far away. Usually that means a bicycle is coming. Come to think of it, it’s maybe not the best spot to set up. Most people passing through that tunnel are eager to get to the other side. Plus, it’s not so wide that a huge crowd could gather without creating an obstacle.
Nobody was gathering. The song was Roy Orbison’s Unchained Melody and you were really belting it out. Today, you owned that tunnel. So, I apologize that I didn’t leave any money. I hope you did well. I hope you do well in future.

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