Weekend at Kotelsko

We are at the cottage this weekend, which is something I generally avoid but Helena was not having it this time because it’s her Mom’s birthday. Well, it’s the weekend everybody decided to celebrate her Mom’s birthday, anyhow. That’s a very Czech thing. If you’re birthday is, for instance, July 10th, than any time between the middle of June and the middle of August will do. Also, that way they combine birthday celebrations. Our nephew Adam and Helena’s cousin Waldek are also here, and have birthdays within the range.
It sprinkled a bit on the way up, and there are some clouds, so while it is hot, it is not insufferable. After lunch, we went mushroom hunting. The two of us, Isabel, and our two nephews. Didn’t find enough mushrooms even for a full meal, but it was a nice walk in the woods.
I spent a bit of time picking cherries, which was frustrating, because the top of the tree was full to bursting, but there was no way to get up there without some serious climbing. I did not trust the ladder, so I filled about half a basket with what I could get from ground level, and then went and picked some red currants, which was much easier. Had a great dinner, pork on the spit, cole slaw, corn, some meat pastries which were quite delicious and, of course, cake. Then went for about a 5 k walk, didn’t feel that far but H had it calculated, and it included some spectacular panoramic views, and after that jumped into the pool to cool down (it’s an above ground pool and flotation devices and ball pit balls covered more than half the surface of it) even though it was after 9 o’clock, and I’m really glad we did because now I feel great instead of grungy and will sleep quite well tonight.
Love to all. Will write again tomorrow.

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