Go, Greta!

I’ve spent the better part of the morning arguing with people about the environment. That would not be a bad thing, if we were arguing about the best way to save the environment, talking about the merits of various sources of energy, ideas for recycling waste, which trees are the best at absorbing carbon, that sort of thing. But, no, this was more arguing about whether to protect the environment or not.
It began with a meme attacking Greta Thunberg, who I think is an amazing person and I admire her greatly. So, I shouldn’t have been surprised.
I do not understand people. Every summer for the last several summers has been a hotter summer than we’ve ever seen before. There are temperatures in the arctic that are considered hot even in the temperate zones. A town in Canada caught fire and burned to the ground because the air was just too damned hot. Every summer we lose more and more trees to fire, huge swathes of land full of trees, and every winter is still summer in the southern hemisphere. Greenland is melting, huge sections are breaking off from Antarctica, and floods are ravaging parts of Europe which are not normally ravaged by floods.
And they are angry at Greta Thunberg for speaking out about this.

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