The Link is the Key

Every day I write a blog, or at least that’s my intent. I occasionally miss a day due to technical difficulties, travel arrangements, or having smoked so much pot my brain has turned to jello and my fingers no longer reach the keys. As a general rule, though, it’s every day. I try to keep these blogs between 250 and 500 words, because less than that is a flippant comment or a platitude, and more than that is longer than the average attention span. I know whenever I check out somebody else’s blog, and their entries are the length of magazine articles, like 3 or 4,000 words, I’m inclined to respond with a snitty, little tl;dr and be done with it.
Sometimes I write about matters of great political and societal import, sometimes about my pet peeves, and sometimes about whatever I did that day. But, in every case, when I am done, I wrote a short poem, usually only a couplet, and post it on Twitter and on Facebook, with a link to my blog. That short poem (I decided on the format due to the word restrictions for Twitter, which used to be more severe than they are now, and now I keep them short so I’ll be allowed to put one of Facebook’s default backgrounds behind it, although their backgrounds have become extremely lame, I’m sure it still draws more eyes than just regular old black text on a white background.
And that is the point of the poem. To draw your eyes, to get you to link to the blog so you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Sometimes, quite frequently as a matter of fact, I’ll get somebody saying “What are you talking about?” or “That’s a dumb rhyme,” or some other comment which addresses the short poem with complete disregard to the blog. It’s as if they haven’t read it, which they probably haven’t.
This blog’s for you.

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