Everything Has Meaning

I don’t remember too much of my dreams last night, except there were several scenes of falling from a great height into deep snow, but then I remembered the last words of my dream, as I was waking up. “0210420, sounds tropical but I don’t know” It rhymed. I wondered if it had any real life meaning, like a zip code in Hawaii (too many numbers) or something like that.
So, I googled it, and got a peek inside a window to a room of the global hive mind I don’t think I’ve ever been in, and am highly unlikely to ever visit for legit reasons, but glad to know it exists. The world of published papers on physics and mathematics. That particular number sequence seems to have been (as many things in dreams are) entirely meaningless, as far as my life is concerned. Our dreams are filled with very random things. I believe they are important, and may sometimes give us great insight into our own minds, but it’s basically a question of your brain relaxing and not even trying to self-direct. There might be meaning, but it’s thrown in with all the dirty socks.
That is to say, 0210420 was not even the title, or an important sequence, in any of these papers. It’s just that when you are covering pages with numbers, any set of digits is bound to appear. I suppose. I didn’t actually click on any of the papers because I didn’t even understand the headlines.
But, I decided to experiment. I googled a few sets of random, top of my head, 7 number sequences. One led directly to outboard motors, another to a computer game, and a third to dish cloths, of all things.
The internet is a vast and infinitely complex place, and more things exist there than any one person can ever experience. You may swim in the ocean, but you will never swim in ALL of the ocean.

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