Turner v. Brown

“There is no such thing as an honest politician.” This is often said, and nearly but not quite literally true, but it very often pisses me off when I hear people say it, if they did not support Bernie Sanders. America had a chance at an honest, decent, intelligent president and America blew it.
With Nina Turner, I have no reason to question her honesty and integrity. She supported Sanders, she has always been forthright about her stands on the issues, and she answers questions directly, without using a cackling sort of laugh to deflect, as Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton tend to do.
Her opponent, on the other hand, is dishonest, and corrupt, and should be in prison rather than politics. She is currently under investigation for steering government contracts to her boyfriend’s company (we know for a fact that her boyfriend’s company got the contracts – it’s proving the quid pro quo that’s the hard part, and that’s what keeps so many politicians, e.g. Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein, out of prison.
Then, there was this: At a recent speech, Turner’s opponent used fake applause. It’s hard to know why, there was no way she was fooling the people present. I watched the video, there weren’t more than a couple dozen people there altogether, including the local news and her own sound person. Of those definitely fewer than 30 people, quite a few were not clapping and one person was walking away, like he’d just been walking through the park and stopped to see what all the hubbub was. I guess, like Pete Buttigieg, it was planned for a campaign ad, but with Buttigieg, he added the sound LATER. This was the equivalent of adding a laugh track in a live comedy club, it’s as if they shortened the basket at one end of the court because one team just isn’t as tall as the other.
I’m not making any predictions about the election. Hillary Clinton and the powers that be in the so-called democratic party are doing everything they can to sabotage Turner, and we know they’ve rigged elections before and gotten away with it. I’m saying Nina Turner SHOULD win because it’s blatantly obvious that her opponent, Shontel Brown, is a liar and a crook.

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