Trumpers Fuck Up Again

This story here is both sad, scary, a horrible statement on the difficulties of having the intelligent conversation we need to have if we want to save our species from extinction, and absolutely gut busting comical, all at the same time.
It seems some of Trump’s inner circle decided to start a free speech website, a place for Trumpers to post where they wouldn’t be bothered by people saying ‘that’s not politically correct,’ ‘that is completely false,’ or ‘jeeezus, what the fuck is wrong with you people?’, or just blocked outright. So, they started a site called GETTR. Within a month, it was absolutely flooded with Islamic revolutionary propaganda. Like, the really bad stuff. Beheadings, flag burnings, death to America in every video.
It’s just like Trump vodka, Trump steaks, and the list goes on and on. Some people who didn’t know anything about websites started a website and it was a disaster, a flop of epic proportions. In this case, they were eaten by trolls. Figuratively, of course.
Sites like Facebook, and any others you might use, are only navigable because the admins are blocking the crazies right, left and center. If the internet has proven anything it is that humanity has a dark, and extremely stupid side. Of course, the censorship could probably be better managed. Algorithms make absurd mistakes, and human moderators can’t handle the volume, so everybody is walking a thin line.
Walking a thin line is not something Trump, or his people, are good at.

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