From Ohio 11 to the South of Poland

I was very depressed this morning to read of Nina Turner’s loss. I don’t have any evidence of fraud, but she was ahead by about 30 points just a couple of months ago, so it sure feels like rigging. It just seems like progressives can’t win. Of course, after the 2016 election, the courts ruled that the DNC could cheat if they wanted to. I’m still surprised there was not more outrage about that.
I spend a lot of time on Facebook arguing with people who are to the left of me, who say there is no hope within the democratic party, and that we should all leave and form a 3rd party, or have a revolution. I know that neither of those things are likely to happen, but on this day I have to say, I agree with them.
Then, at 7:30 a.m., we hit the road (Helena, Isabel and me – Sam thinks he is too cool for a trip with the parents so he’s going to a friend’s cottage, or so he’s told us at any rate) for a week’s vacation in Poland. I had thought that here in the South of Poland it would not be a major tourist area, so we could enjoy some lovely scenery in a laid back atmosphere without the crowds and the kitsch but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The market here in Zakopanec is about as kitschy as I have ever seen, and there were huge crowds in the center this evening, despite the rain. But, that’s all cool. It is a lovely area, much like the resort H and I went to a couple weeks ago, and the place we are staying is comfortable, and we’re having a good time.
The world is probably doomed, but things are still pretty nice in my little corner of it.

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