Chocholowskie Thermal Springs

This morning was foggy and misty, which provided an interesting view of the mountains from our balcony, but did not bode well for a day at the lake, so we decided to make today thermal springs day. In retrospect and all things considered, it was the right choice. However, several thousand other people made the same choice.
I don’t think I’ve stood in such a long line since Disneyland. My wife said “It’s the largest thermal pool in Poland, 3,000 square meters’ and I said ‘Yeah, that’s about 1 square meter per person’ and I thought I was joking, but it was true. I can’t complain about the facilities, there were lots of different pools and lots of things to do and we spent over 3 lovely hours there, mostly just going from warm pool to warm pool, but there was also a wave pit, several warm waterfalls, and a lap pool which was totally futile because of the crowd. I am feeling so thoroughly relaxed right now that I just stood up to stretch, right in the middle of this sentence, and knocked a glass of apple juice halfway across the room. I am not, at this moment, fully in control of my own body, I am so relaxed, is what I’m saying.

It rained on us a bit while in the big pool, and by the time we exited, it was pouring. We were wet by the time we got to the car. The suggestion I made, which I expected Helena to reject outright, was that we continue driving in the same direction, away from the mountain resort where we are residing, until we come to a normal, non-touristy Polish town, where we could stop and get a big, nourishing, Polish dinner at a reasonable price, and I was kind of surprised when she accepted. However, after driving for about half an hour, and the rain getting steadily worse, she decided it was a ridiculous plan and we turned around.
Stopped at a supermarket, made spaghetti bolognese for supper, and now we’re going to play a game of scrabble. It is still raining.

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