A Long Walk

Yesterday was total relaxation at the spa day and today turned out to be walk till our feet were sore and we ached all over day, but we’re back at the flat now and our heads are full of new experiences and beautiful moments. The original plan was to take a train ride to another town and spend the day seeing the sites there, but that fell apart when we got to the front of the line and found out the trains weren’t running and they didn’t know when they’d start again, something about water on the tracks which was really not too surprising, it rained like a bastard last night. Then we wandered around a bit and had a bit of a family argument because Isabel didn’t want a group photo and I didn’t care for her attitude, and Helena totally took her side. Then I rejected a couple of restaurants as too expensive, we found a lovely Thai place outdoors next to a stream, but Isabel didn’t want Thai, but eventually we found some place with good food and a rather strange atmosphere, it was like a big beer hall. After that, we took the funicular up to the top of the mountain, and walked back down. The crowd at the top of the mountain was just as huge as the crowd in town, but it thinned out pretty quick as we moved down the path. But it was raining, and that lasted a while. We snacked on wild raspberries. The scenery was beautiful, much like Switzerland or Austria, mountain meadows with the occasional cow in them, very picturesque. I forgot the umbrella at a place by the side of the road where there was a monument because the pope (the popular one, the Polish one ) had been there.
It took us a couple of hours to walk back down and then we were at the other side of town from our flat. If we keep this up, I could actually lose some weight and get fit. But I don’t have any intention of keeping this up.

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