For the second time in two days (three will be a certain harbinger of the apocalypse) an event has happened which scientists have described as ‘unprecedented in recorded history.’ Yesterday was the chimpanzees attacking, killing, and eating gorillas. Today it is rain on the Greenland ice shelf. It is only the third time in recorded history that the temperature has gone above freezing. The problem with rain is that it accelerates the melting of the snow, which was already happening way too fast.
I don’t know what it will take to convince the deniers. I don’t know if we can reverse the damage.

Another thing happened today which isn’t important at all and I just want to blog about how unimportant it is and I don’t really care one way or another. As viewers of the cult game show Jeopardy know, they need a new host to take on the part of Alex Trebek, who died last November after hosting the show for 37 seasons. They had one guy picked but it turns out he’d sent some offensive e-mails in the past. So, he’s out and his career is ruined. This is the world we live in. Among the candidates I’ve seen suggested, I would like them to choose Mayim Bialik, because she did such a great job as co-host of Fun With Flags. I also think LeVar Burton would make a good choice, except I always think of him as Geordi LaForge, so it weirds me out that he has eyes.
Actually, anybody could do it. You chit-chat with the players a bit, and moderate the game.
They’re not going to find another Alex Trebek.

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