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It was a lovely day at the cottage today. Isabel and I picked the red currant bush bare, we had peaches, and plums (I picked one plum tree bare), and I tried picking blackberries but it was still early and no more than a handful were ripe, I took a walk up to the top of the town, which is a town of a few houses either side of the street that goes up the hill, total population is under 100, I’m sure, and the road almost turns to meadow and you can see a long way in any direction, and we had coffee and cream roll thingies with coffee (beer for some) in the stillness of the afternoon. It was time well spent, a recharging of the metaphorical batteries.
Now we’re back home, and I’ve smoked two joints and watched 3 episodes of ‘Rake,’ quite an interesting lawyer drama/comedy, he’s sort of an Australian Jimmy McGill, except it tends to more slapstick and the web of philandering is almost Benny Hillish.
I’ll worry about Afghanistan, and global warming, and Gavin Newsom’s recall election, and the ever worrisome condition of the human species tomorrow.

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