Alternate Universes

Of course, some times I’m just wrong, and it’s not surprising. We all form impressions of actual events from our own position of individual bias, and memories of the past fade and blend into other memories, but twice in about the last week or so I’ve been wrong enough about something that the thought crossed my mind that I may have, at some point, shifted into an alternate universe.
The first one, just a minute ago: I’m watching a truly bad movie with Rebel Wilson (yes, it is one non-stop fat joke) and Anne Hathaway called Hustle. Well, about 10 minutes in I realized it was a remake of an old film, which was Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Steve Martin and Michael Caine, and before that Bedtime Story with David Niven and Tony Curtis, or so I thought. I googled it and it was David Niven and Marlon Brando. However, I specifically remember scenes with Tony Curtis – his face, his accent, his persona. The extra weird part is is that when I googled it, they mentioned that Curtis was the director’s first choice for the Brando role. So, the idea of an alternate universe gains credibility.
The other incident was also media related. There was a conversation about the actor Armie Hammer, and some films he’d been in were listed and I thought “No, he wasn’t” but, again I turned to Google and Wikipedia and it turns out I had that name associated with a completely different actor. I specifically remembered an older, grizzled, Lee Marvin, Sam Elliot type of character growling and saying “I’m Armie Hammer,” and it’s an unusual name to have such a specific memory with.
Probably just a bit too much imagination in my memory, but I’m not ruling the alternate universe thing out completely.

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