Three Poems

I was browsing through Facebook this morning, looking for something to write a blog about, and finding very little inspiration – I really don’t care that much about who the next host of Jeopardy is, and (despite a wicked crush on Scarlett Johansson) don’t care about her lawsuit against Disney, either. Doesn’t affect my life one bit. But, while I couldn’t find anything that would justify a whole blog, I did crank out three very short, silly poems, and they’re probably going to all be included in my next book which, although nowhere near completion, is as inevitable as sunrise. So, in the interest of filling this space, here they are:

Having a life you lead online
doesn’t alter your physical space
Your butt is there
deep in your chair
but your mind is all over the place

Like a pleasantly moist morning

in the merry month of May

like the fog that creeps like cat’s feet

across the quiet bay

like the dew upon the flowers

and the petals that it’s kissed

if you go away

you will be mist

When a cow looks in your window

and you’re on the second floor

either smile and say hello

or don’t do LSD no more

(I have no idea why one poem came out single spaced, as I like, and the other two didn’t. Computers fuck with me like that. When we invent artificial intelligence, there’s little doubt in my mind it will be an asshole)

Anyway, that’s my blog for this morning. Have a good day.

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