Royal Pain in the Ass

Facebook has been showing me lots of articles lately about the British Royal family. Usually it’s about Meghan and Harry, but today there was an article about Camilla Parker-Bowles and is she or is she not squabbling with William and Kate about who gets to live in Windsor Castle.
It suddenly struck me, and I’m sure this is not an original observation at all, that they are a lot like the Kardashians, just a posher (more posh? I think posher is correct, grammatically, but more posh sounds more posh) version. They both are totally dysfunctional families, baring a little bit, a tightly controlled and edited bit, of their private lives, just to keep their ratings up and all eyes on them.
I blame ‘The Crown’ for this current upsurge in interest, if that’s what it is. I also blame Facebook if they are targeting me because I watched it. If you want to watch the anti-Crown series, check out The Windsors. The Royals done as farce.
Fucking hysterical.

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