Berlin, Day 1

What a happening city this is! Like Prague in that you’re likely to see something artistic and interesting just walking down the street, but maybe even more so. After checking into our hotel and meeting my brother and his family, we had lunch, outdoor, at a Korean restaurant, which was great, took the Metro, visited some of the obligatory tourist sites and along the way saw a troupe of dancers, all dressed in black, a pack of bicyclists, maybe a hundred strong, a bride and her bridesmaids taking photographs, several people in small cars, and when I say small cars I mean they were like toy cars, go-kart size, sitting just a couple inches off the ground and yet using regular public streets.
In the evening, we took in a the Festival of Lights, which is something they occasionally do in Prague as well and I am usually unimpressed, but the light shows we saw were much better than I’ve ever seen in Prague. They made good use of the buildings, it was very slick.
No idea what we’ll do tomorrow.

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