Forgetting the Mask

I could have made lunch today from what was in the fridge, except Isabel said no to an omelette, and very emphatically no to tuna salad sandwiches, so off I trundled to the supermarket. Not my favorite activity, but no big deal. I went in, got some tomatoes, got some ground beef, and made for the checkout line. It was rather a long line. I got to the checkout counter and was paying for my stuff when I realized…I wasn’t wearing a mask.
It wasn’t deliberate, I had the mask in my pocket, I just didn’t think of it when I walked into the store. Since nobody had said anything about it up to that point, it would have been locking the barn door after the horse has bolted, as the saying goes, and there wasn’t much point drawing attention by putting it on there and then, so I just paid, bagged up my stuff and left, rather embarrassed.

I did the same thing a couple of days ago on the tram. I don’t feel too guilty about it. I’ve had the two shots, and so have most other people, and this has to die down some time, so there it is. Instead of feeling like “OMG, I am the worst, most anti-social person in the world” I kind of felt like “Haha, I got away with it.”
I’ll still keep the mask with me wherever I go and put it on when requested, so it’s rather like a condom in that sense. But, also like condoms, it’s much nicer when you can do without.

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