Leave Harry and Meghan Alone!

I just saw a thread about some Australian TV commentators mocking Harry and Meghan over their TIME magazine cover. In the video, the announcers were laughing hysterically, saying Harry looked like a hairdresser. I’m sure there must be a hairdresser somewhere who is a dead ringer for him, but he doesn’t exactly define the stereotype. Hairdressers are sort of like serial killers in that respect. They just look like ordinary people. Unless, of course, by ‘hairdresser’ they meant ‘gay,’ which is sort of a ridiculous thing to say about a married man with kids who has never displayed any tendencies in that direction.
But, I guess that IS the joke. Apparently, he made some comment at some point (I’m just gleaning from the comments. Don’t follow the royals all that closely) that ‘Meghan is the boss in our relationship,’ and many people are saying he’s been emasculated, which is ridiculous. I say that my wife is the boss in our relationship, because it’s generally true. I get to have a blog, so I can be the official family spokesman on matters of foreign policy and things like that, but it’s my wife who decides what we eat, what we wear, and where and when we go on vacation. My mother was also the boss of her relationship, and yet my father was probably the most masculine man I’ve ever met in my life. The gold standard of what a man should be.
So, I dove into the comments thread, saying I thought the commenters were being ridiculous. With all of the people dying of disease, and malnutrition, and wars here and there throughout the world, with capitalists stealing almost all of the world’s wealth, and with the planet itself gradually becoming uninhabitable, it makes no sense to have a vendetta against a young, married couple who are doing no harm to anyone.
I’d say the tide was running against me, about 70/30. People are fucked up.

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