Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are the biggest straw man among all the straw men that get employed in almost every argument, sooner or later. It is repeated, over and over, with a sneering expression, until everybody’s against it, whether or not they know what it is. Rather like socialism.
The definition of conspiracy is two or more people talking about something they want kept secret from everybody else. If you’re planning a surprise party for someone, it’s a conspiracy.
Of course there is a conspiracy on the part of wealthy people to maintain poverty and keep the world down. Rich people know other rich people. They work with other rich people, they live in the same neighborhoods as other rich people and their children go to school together. So, they are talking with each other all the time and, being rich people, they are often talking about how to make more money. They’re not going to sit around and talk about how to make life better for their employees, or how to change the world. They’re pretty content with the world just the way it is. So, there is conspiracy on the part of the rich. But it’s not the Elders of Zion. Rich Jewish people get along just fine with rich Christian people. Money is their true religion.
Of course governments conspire to keep things secret. We know that from the fact that they keep lots of things secret, and another term for secret is ‘covered up.’ When they refuse to release documents for 20 years, and even then they are heavily redacted, it is clear they do not want to share the truth with the general public. That may be the truth about 9/11, or the truth about the Kennedy assassination, or the truth about corruption, or the truth about powerful people’s sex lives.
If they are keeping information from the public, it’s because there’s information they don’t want the public to see. It means they are covering things up. Things which people would hate them for if they knew about. So, we should hate them. Even if we don’t know the exact reason, we know there is a reason.
Call me a conspiracy theorist if you wish. I am one.

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