The Point of Religion

I was just reading a tweet and it started off with a complaint about Rabbis being so persnickety with the rules of Kosher and I thought she (the tweeter) was going to touch on one of my favorite beefs with religion, but it ended as a comical thing, like why are all the bagels mixed together in one bag and everything smells like garlic?
Which is funny, and everyone needs a good laugh now and again.
But the way I see it, any religion that emphasizes dietary rules, or whether or not one gender needs to wear a hat, or whether the correct posture for prayer is kneeling down, standing up, or lying flat on your face facing southeast (northwest for Australian Muslims), is a religion that’s missing the point.
None of those have anything to do with being a better person, and if being a better person isn’t the whole point, then what is?
But, as a heathen non-believer, it’s not my call, and I expect that religions will continue to adhere to their silly rules about what people can eat, what people can wear, and what day of the week they don’t want to work on. Maybe fewer with each passing generation. When you’re forbidden to eat something, and it’s sold pretty much everywhere you look, available at a low price to everybody in the world but yourself, there are going to be a few rebellious Jewish youth who eventually stray and bite down on that cheeseburger. A fair percentage of them are going to say “Holy fuck, that’s good!” because, truly, there are few taste sensations in the world that can surpass a good cheeseburger.
And then they will question everything.

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