Bike Trip

Well, over the past year or so I have spent most of my time sitting on the couch watching TV or sitting in front of the computer writing this blog and leaving acerbic comments on posts of assorted topics, and I have grown unacceptably fat. Helena seems to want to put an end to all that, and has arranged our weekend accordingly. Today, we went on a long (for me) bike ride, along the river on the trail that leads by the zoo and out of town, and there was a detour bit I didn’t like much, as the bike path was no more than a dirt groove atop a ridge that itself was only a couple meters wide. A bit vertiginous, but a lovely view, and one of the few things that made it a path never traveled before. Saw some sheep and goats. People skating with their babies in strollers. A dog fetching sticks. Everybody out in the world on a lovely day, just like in the old times. Even one guy swimming in the river.
We stopped for raspberry lemonades and klobasa, and then took the ferry from Klecany to Roztoky, and caught the train back from there.
Tomorrow, she’s got a day of hiking in Česky Raj planned, and then Tuesday going up to the cottage to help with some yard work.
We’ll see how long she can keep this up.

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