A New Nation

A while back I joined a Facebook group called P2P, which I assume stands for people to people, or maybe person to person, or maybe I’m completely wrong about that and it stands for something else entirely, but that would be O.K., too, because what’s in a name, right?
It seemed to me to be a place where people were actually discussing important issues intelligently, and I’ve been slightly disillusioned, because there are a lot of people who like writing very long texts with big words and fancy phrases, to talk about very mundane ideas. I’m not sure if they’re over my head or just a bunch of wheezy old academic blowhards.
But, today there was a post that I thought was nothing short of brilliant. The idea was to set up a nation on-line. A bit more than just a role playing game, the author talked about following the success of cryptocurrencies, and building an actual nation on line, with a goal of 10 million inhabitants who, being online, could be anywhere in the world, and how we could work from that downwards to actual experimental living arrangements in the real world.
It may never happen, but I’m all for it if it does. Nothing else is solving the world’s problems, so a bit of experimentation is in order.

Also today, watched Frida on Netflix. I do not know how historically accurate it is, but I thought it was a wonderful movie, and I loved the surrealistic interludes. Highly recommend.

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