Facebook Down

I do not know what’s happening with Facebook, I don’t suppose anybody knows yet, maybe not even Zuckershmuck himself, but in the few hours its been down he’s lost (so I hear, this is all breaking news as I write so this blog is pure speculation) 7 billion dollars and dropped down to 5th richest man in the world.
I find it hard to sympathize.
It might have something to do with the allegations, from a whistleblower who used to work at Facebook, that he was putting profits ahead of common human decency, by promoting stuff on Instagram (which is also down) which was, somehow, damaging to teenage girls. I don’t know if you can really blame him for content, even prioritizing shit content over good content, that sort of falls under freedom of speech, and I feel that teenage girls, like every other segment of the population, may need to grow a bit thicker skin if they’re going to be engaging on social media, where people absolutely love, love, love talking shit, because you can say things online which would get you a swift punch in the face if you said them out loud, and that’s actually, IMO, one of the beautiful things about it.
When we realized that Tik-Tok, my daughter’s favorite platform, was still live, and that’s apparently based in China, we considered the fact that maybe this is a Chinese power play (I’m not being at all serious about that, btw).
Or perhaps it was the folks at Twitter, which seems to have been the biggest beneficiary.
Anyway, I hope it’s back tomorrow, because Facebook is my main platform, my way of communicating with the world, but I’m not going to stay up all night trying it every 10 minutes. I expect it will be. Seriously, if any company were ever ‘too big to fail,’ Facebook is it.

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