Shakespeare and Sons

Took a little trip over to Malastrana today to drop off a couple copies of my most recent book, A Country’s Just a Place. It’s been out for about a year now, but that was during Covid time so they were closed. I’m very, very glad that they are still there, and in the same place. Helena came with me because she’s been cleaning stuff out and making room, and wanted to give them a big bag of books in English, probably about 20, a combination of books in English that I’d read, and those I never intend to. We also dropped off a couple of copies of my Tarot poems book and matching deck box set, which is the only thing they’ve sold since I was there last, probably about 18 months ago.
All that didn’t take long and we browsed the shop for a while, it was not easy to find my books on the shelves because they are narrow volumes, packed in between bigger books, sort of like when Krtek drives his little car on the freeway and because he’s a cartoon mole he’s very tiny and has a tiny car, which doesn’t even come up to the human vehicle’s hubcaps. It’s amazing they ever sell any at all.
While there, I bought Hop on Pop, which I think my younger students (which, at the moment, is a majority of my students) will appreciate, as I’ve been using the same 5 or 6 books over and over and over for the last several years.
We stood in line to pay for it and then the clerk on duty said “Here, it’s in return for all the books.” Very generous and decent of them, I thought. Love doing business with that place.
If you are in Prague, and you speak English (which I kind of assume, because you’re reading this, aren’t you?), I recommend you swing by and give them your business.

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