Foolish Criminal

I’ve just got a feeling, from reading the article (and looking at his picture, I know that is not the right way to form opinions, but there it is) that Siggi Thordarson is not exactly the sharpest tool in the box.
Not only did he say that the FBI had promised, in return for his co-operation, not to inform the Icelandic authorities of any crimes committed in Iceland, he then told a reporter My worry was that if I told them who was hacked and how, like Landsvirkjun and the government’s website and all that, I would become a target of Icelandic authorities.’
Well, they know now, dumbass. Anyway, he’s been arrested in Iceland, presumably for his hacking of Landsvirkjun, whatever that is, and the government’s website, and I won’t be terribly bothered if he spends a long time in jail.
After all, the U.S. government based their whole case against Julian Assange on his evidence, which he now admits was a lie. That isn’t going to give Assange the last ten years of his life back, but he should be freed immediately.
That’s what’s important. Not Siggi Thordarson.

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