The Billion Dollar Code

I’ve started watching a series called The Billion Dollar Code, at least in English, I don’t know what it’s called in German, and they’re speaking German throughout, except for the occasional throwaway phrase, like “made my day” or when they’re actually speaking to somebody who speaks English.
The language is one of my favorite things about it, I’ve even picked up a few words, like echtzeit (not sure of the spelling), which means ‘real time’ and they use it a lot.
Sort of like ‘The Social Network’ it’s the story of a couple of computer nerds who sue Google for patent infringement, because they’d come up with a system called Terravision, which really was dead similar to Google Earth. Also like ‘The Social Network, it’s based on true events, so that’s always good.
I don’t know how the real event turned out, and I’m going to watch the series through and see, but I hope they get a nice payout, especially the actual computer genius behind the whole thing. I mean, the partner thought of it as an art project, he neither had the grand vision nor the chops to carry it out, but he probably deserves something, too. As well as all that crew that was helping them out.
So, I have to keep my snoopy fingers away from Wikipedia until I have binge-watched the whole thing. A battle of wills, indeed.

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