Pot Shop

I did something very cool this afternoon, even life changing in a way. I don’t know if this possibility has actually been there for a while, and I’m one of the last, unhip, out of the loop characters to figure it out, or if it’s a new thing, but either way, I’ve discovered it now and it’s going to be my routine from now on.
I bought marijuana over the counter. It’s a lovely, little, hole in the wall shop where they also sell bongs and marijuana related products like skin cream and medicaments, so I was a bit worried that the marijuana would be ‘for medicinal purposes’ and wouldn’t, somehow, be the same as regular old getting stoned as fuck marijuana, but no worries there any more. Bought my pot, brought it home and smoked a joint and, if anything, it’s a bit stronger than what I’m used to.
Not that I’ve ever had complaints about quality, and I’ve been buying from the same dealer for many years now, so I feel a bit guilty and disloyal about that. The price is exactly the same, the amount is exactly the same, and he was very reliable, but it is really nice to just go into a shop, a nice, well lit shop, and not have to send text messages to set up a meeting in the park with the homeless people, and surreptitiously transfer the money in a handshake and hurriedly stuff the bags into my pocket, worrying about the police the whole time.
So, there’s no going back. Prague just got a bit cooler, my life just got a little bit easier.

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