Retirement Schedule

I woke up at 11 a.m. this morning. That’s not that unusual for most people, and there are some who would even consider it early. Our internal clocks are not all set at the same time, and don’t even operate at the same speed.
But, for me, it’s a change, an adjustment. I have been, throughout my adult life, and even in my childhood, I guess, an early riser. Many is the time I’ve woken up hours before anybody else, just because I was done sleeping, and gone out for a long walk. In the country, in the city, on vacation, doesn’t matter. It is always a fresh view of the world at that time of day. You get to see what the world would look like without people, you can hear the birds singing, which they do all day but most of the time the air is filled with the sound of traffic, the humming of tires across the pavement, the doppler roar of approaching engines and the doppler whine of their retreat, the occasional honk of a horn which says “I am a rude bastard! Fuck you for existing!”, and the all too frequent wail of a siren which is an indicator that somewhere something is going very, very badly for somebody.
It is a great time of day to go out walking, clear your head, and write a poem or two, if you are lucky.
But, today I woke up at 11 and I feel quite good about it. I’m well rested, and ready to deal with the new day. I am retired. I am 67. And, I must admit, I could kind of get used to this.

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