Time, Gender, and Race

There are three things that I’ve heard from a lot of people recently – well intentioned, intelligent people – that I just cannot agree with, even if I were to try. Perhaps I don’t understand the science well enough. It’s certainly true that I don’t understand enough about science, but, to be fair to myself, nobody can ever understand enough about science. Even the greatest scientists in the world (especially the greatest scientists in the world) are always trying to understand more science. It’s open ended like that.
First, there is no such thing as time.
Second, there is no such thing as gender.
Third, there is no such thing as race.
Of course there is such a thing as time. We pass through it, we are not the same at every stage of it. If you show up late for an important meeting, for work, or even for a social engagement, it’s no use saying “There is no such thing as time.” Nobody’s buying that as an excuse because in the real world, in the society in which we exist, time is crucial. Of course, when I hear scientists talking about space time, and the speed of light, and how people actually age slower if we send them out into space, I can’t refute them. But, we’re not exactly talking about the same thing. It’s a semantic argument, rather than a scientific one. Time, in our reality, exists. If you want to talk about the curvature of the universe, talk about the curvature of the universe.
Of course there is such a thing as gender, and a bit more than 90% of all human beings on the planet fall into one of the two major ones. When you say ‘heteronormative’ it is right there in the second half of the word. To be male or female gendered is the norm. This has nothing to do with gay rights. I’m all for gay rights. But gender is a thing which exists.
As to race, of course we are all members of the same species, and the similarities of our brain structure and emotional range far outweigh our differences in skin color, hair type, and predisposition to certain rare diseases. But those differences exist, they are visibly obvious, and to pretend that they have no effect on our upbringing and our relationships with other people is, simply, magical thinking. It shouldn’t have as much effect as it does but just claiming it’s not a real thing is absurd.
That’s my rant for the day. As usual, I welcome all comments.

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