Another PSA from the Grammar Police

I am often accused of being a Grammar Nazi and, I suppose, if you are really adamant about your right to spell words any way you want to, and to place them into a sentence (which may or may not be ended by a period or other punctuation mark) in any order at all, then I may appear a bit authoritarian at times.
However, I prefer the term Grammar Police, because I’m not actually suggesting anybody be put into concentration camps or shot because they refuse to learn the difference between lose and loose. Socially shunned, absolutely, but not literally imprisoned or killed. Grammar Police is a voluntary affiliation, sort of like a neighborhood watch group, but far less likely to jump out of our cars and murder teenage pedestrians who are just walking home from the 7/11 with a box of Skittles.
The thing which has recently sparked my ire is a paid ad, which appears over and over again on my phone and on Facebook, so undoubtedly somebody spent good money for this ad for something call a protachair. It’s pretty obvious they mean portachair, as in portable chair, and somebody just got the letters inverted. If they meant it to be a combination of prototype and chair, it would have been protochair. It’s not, and anyway, a prototype is a model that you are working on, or using as a demonstration. Once you’ve mass produced it and are selling it to a mass audience, it’s not a prototype.
It’s kind of a dumb product, as most chairs are fairly portable, you can move them around the room quite easily, and there are beach chairs and folding chairs which people take to sports events and concerts quite frequently, so this product is just one more in that line. If it’s affordable, comfortable, and cheap enough, I’m sure some people will buy it despite the misspelling.
But, I find it rather shocking that a professional ad designer would produce such a monstrosity (the ad, not the chair) and flaunt it in front of the general public.
Did they not realize and then, after receiving complaints from the grammar police, decided it would be too difficult, or expensive, or time consuming to change?
Or perhaps they didn’t get a notice from the grammar police because, very much like real cops, we can’t be everywhere and even I am just bitching about it in my blog and not contacting them directly, hypocrite that I am.
Or, perhaps, worst of all, they misspelled the word on purpose. There would be a logic to that, and I can picture the meeting in the board room. “Who is our target demographic for this product?” “Stupid, lazy people who will order something online they don’t really need because they think it looks cool.” “How do we reach those people” “Our research shows that they tend to post and respond to posts mostly if they are horribly misspelled.” “O.K., let’s go with that.”
I really want to think that is not the case. But, I’ve been seeing the ad for days now and they haven’t corrected it.

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