No Pets for the Persians

O.K., I need to start off with a bit of a conditional apology. Yesterday, I called a few people right wing liars for saying that Rittenhouse’s victims had criminal records. This morning I checked Snopes (which had nothing – they are often useless when you need them) and then checked Google. It turns out that two of the three (the ones who were killed) did, indeed, have criminal records.
It doesn’t matter. They had both served their time, they were not fugitives from the law, and Rittenhouse was not a bounty hunter. Also, Rittenhouse could not possibly have know this at the time he murdered them.
So, I apologize for calling you right wing liars. I was mistaken. However, you are all still, by defending Rittenhouse, portraying yourselves as right wing, violence loving racists, and I strongly urge you to reconsider the side you are on.

Another thing I’d like to comment on is a proposed law in Iran which would virtually ban pet ownership. It would forbid property owners from renting to anybody with dogs or cats, it would make it illegal to walk a dog (heavy fine) or transport a dog in a car (vehicle confiscated for 3 months) This isn’t law yet, but the religious party wants it, and they are the ones in control.
Which shows the dangers of taking religion too literally. I am not suggesting war, or sanctions, or any of that counter-productive bullshit. This is strictly an internal Iranian issue. However, I think a good bout of international mockery is in order. If we can stop talking about the stupid, racist, murderer Kyle Rittenhouse long enough.

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