The Ugly Verdict

Like decent human beings everywhere, I am extremely distressed by the verdict in the trial of the murderer, Kyle Rittenhouse. Sure, we knew this verdict was coming, but that doesn’t really soften the blow. More than that, I am extremely disturbed by the obvious bias and unprofessionalism of the obviously racist judge. Even more than that, I am disturbed by the large number of white racist sympathizers on my Facebook page. Sure, I always knew they were there, too. They defended George Zimmerman as well, and were unbothered by the deaths of Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland et alii. Too many alii to count.
I have lived outside the United States for over 20 years now, and count my blessings every day. I live in a city with excellent public transport, me and my family can visit a doctor any time we feel like it, and my kids have gone to schools which are far less violent and social strife infested than those in the USA.
I guess its hitting me more today than other days just how incredibly racist the USA is. I can’t claim that there’s no racism in the Czech Republic. Gypsies, and anybody who looks even slightly Arabic, get nasty looks all the time, and sometimes more direct discrimination. But, most of the time, nobody’s killing anybody.
With this verdict, everybody around the world can clearly see how incredibly, intolerably racist the USA truly is. I am very, very glad I no longer live there.

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