More Than One Thing at a Time

I do think ‘woke culture,’ which, it seems to me, is just a new word for being PC, has gone a bit too far. On the other hand, I get skeptical when I see somebody say, loudly and publicly (well, I guess loud is a metaphor when we’re typing, but you know what I mean) that they are ‘fed up with all this woke bullshit.’ Often as not, they are just a frustrated bigot whose not allowed to use their favorite pejorative terms any more.
That said, the comment that really irritated me today was under a nice science article about some rock drawings, something like 12,000 years old, which were recently discovered in Colombia and may shed a great deal of light on ancient American cultures and, by extension, the development of mankind. Well, one woman was right out of the gate with how this belonged to the native tribes of the area and western archeologists should just shove off, which led to a spirited and quite unproductive debate, as I’m sure no minds were changed.
It’s not a new thing, really, just a new term. I remember reading 30, probably more like 40 years ago in something by Robert Anton Wilson. He called it ‘reality tunnels,’ if I recall correctly. Some people are in the racial reality tunnel, and see everything in those terms. For others, it’s women’s issues, or gender issues, or indigenous culture issues, or vegetarianism, or various economic ideologies. I’ve got one friend who will tie about any subject up with legalization of cannabis.
The world is complex, and it’s important that we be able to see more than one thing at a time, to consider more than one thing at a time.

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