Another One

The school shooting that happened today in Michigan will not long be remembered in the annals of horrifying school shootings. Only 3 people died, which is way short of Columbine, Sandy Hook and Parkland.
But, it is the first post-Rittenhouse school shooting and I can’t help thinking, from the way the gunman surrendered as soon as he saw the police, that maybe he thinks he’s going to get away with it. Not likely, of course, but you can see how he might have that idea.
Also, his weapon was described as a semi-automatic pistol. Here’s the thing: whenever I use the phrase automatic, it is like a starter pistol for the gun nuts to rush into the comments section screaming ‘semi-automatic! semi-automatic!’ Well, semi-automatic is bad enough, apparently, and they should be banned, too.
One more thing. His father purchased the gun, presumably legally, just last week. One thing that should be added to the limitations on buying guns: not if you have a teenage child at home. At least, not until that child has had a psychiatric evaluation.
Because kids who have access to guns are about a million times more likely to kill people with guns than kids who don’t.

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