That Would Explain a Few Things

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial is not being televised, and I’m not seeing a lot of mainstream news reporting on it (which could be because of my own bias bubble, but I doubt it – my bias bubble should be all over that shit), so I just now went to Wikipedia for a bit of background. You can learn a lot from Wikpedia. It’s not perfect, and tends to bowdlerize everybody, but you can learn a lot.
She grew up in a 53 room mansion, attended posh boarding schools, then Oxford, and then her daddy set her up in business. She was known for being her Daddy’s favorite (she is the youngest of nine children), and he even named his yacht – a very large yacht, with a Jacuzzi, Sauna, Disco and Gym – the Lady Ghislaine. Her father, Robert Maxwell, was extremely pro-Israeli, is buried in Jerusalem, and the prime minister of Israel, Yitzhak Shamir, read the eulogy at his funeral. Several other prominent Israeli politicians, and members of the Israeli intelligence community, were present. His death was ruled a suicide, but Ghislaine believes it was murder. His body was found floating in the sea, near the aforementioned yacht.
The list of women who’ve come forward with charges of sexual coercion and abuse against Ghislaine Maxwell (and Jeffrey Epstein, who was her boyfriend at least for a while in the 90s, and a life long associate from the 90s on, until his death by “suicide” in prison) is not short. Virginia Giuffre, Sarah Ransome, Maria and Annie Farmer (sisters), Jennifer Araoz, and three under the name of Jane Doe.

The thing that I think is important to notice is the Israeli connection. It looks to me like the whole idea was to lure key politicians (Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew are the most famous names, but there have been a whole lot of them) to their paradise island in the Caribbean, where they could have lots of sex with very young, illegally young girls, after which they would vote however Israel wanted them to. Because Israel had the photos. Which would explain why so many U.S. politicians continue to support Israel, slavishly, despite their absolutely horrific record on human rights.

I’m not saying I’ve got proof. I got all this just off Wikipedia. But it would explain everything.

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