Killer Robots Would Be a Very Bad Thing

As most people who have ever seen a movie would agree, killer robots are not a good thing. It’s right there in the name, KILLER robots, mindless automatons that are capable of killing, inflicting death, ending a human being’s existence.
And yet, at a U.N. meeting in Geneva, one country objected very strongly to banning them, saying they would prefer a ‘non-binding code of conduct’ which would be every bit as useless as the Paris Accords have turned out to be for the environment.
Why would any country be opposed to banning such a monstrous thing? Well, maybe a country which is already famous for war crimes, known for abusing, raping and murdering prisoners in so-called black sites around the world, a country which already uses a sort of killer robots (i.e. drones, which would not actually be included in the ban as long as they require a human operator) to attack wedding parties and funerals, a country which wants to impose its will on the entire world.
Yup, the good old USA does not want a ban on killer robots. It’s no surprise. They’ve been working on developing them for some time now. You know those cute Boston Dynamics videos. Like the robots dancing to Bobbie “Mr. Excitement” Freeman’s popular hit ‘Do You Wanna Dance?”, I got a big charge out of that one. But, make no mistake, these things are prototypes for killer robots, who eventually could hunt down and kill all human beings like in an episode of Black Mirror.
This really sucks. This is unacceptable. The U.N., for once, is trying to do the decent thing and save the human race from a horrible and, quite frankly, embarrassing extinction, and the U.S. is saying noooooooo. We want killer robots. Joe Biden’s USA. Can’t blame this on anyone else.

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