Budapest Day 3 and Thoughts on Ghislaine Maxwell

Back in Prague after a brief, but experience filled vacation in Budapest. The plan was to get up early this morning to beat the breakfast rush, then check out of the hotel and leave all our stuff in the car while we went out to explore some more of Budapest on foot. Except for the getting up early part, things went more or less according to plan. We walked from our place down a long and not overly impressive boulevard, until we got to Victory Square, which was very impressive, and then the park behind it with more majestic and monumental buildings you could count, a huge skating rink, and the hot water fountain on the other side of it.
My basic impression was that we were seeing a whole different, but equally amazing, city as yesterday. Then we stopped at a cafe for a last coffee and tea in Budapest, and started the long drive home. It had been drizzly the whole time there, but the skies opened up and it started pouring down, and this was off and on until we were well into the Czech Republic.
Anyway, great vacation, and if anybody is considering Budapest as a vacation destination, it gets big thumbs up from me.

re the news of the day, the Ghislaine Maxwell conviction. It wasn’t actually in doubt, was it? I see a lot of people cheering it on Facebook, but I don’t really feel that. I don’t see this as a win. The trial ends, she will go to jail, there will be appeals, and a couple of years from now she will be quietly released, maybe for compassionate ‘health’ reasons, but it doesn’t matter. The trial has come to an end and no trials have begun against Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Alan Derschowitz, Donald Trump, or any of her other wealthy and powerful clients. Now, they never will.
They got away with it. They will continue to get away with it.

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