Empty Resolutions

It’s the first of January and the time for the making of resolutions which will be broken, or forgotten, or at least seriously compromised by January 2nd. Every year I resolve to lose weight, but I don’t actually want to accompany that with any dietary restrictions on either type or amount of food, and just consumed a delicious, gooey, coconut covered chocolate roll whose taste still lingers in my mouth and goes very well with the morning’s third cup of coffee, and every year I resolve to write more, but more than what, and more of what, is harder to say.
There is a book I want to write, and have wanted to write for the last 20 years, but I still don’t even have it properly outlined, and there are always the poetry books, which I will probably get another one of out this year, but writing more is not the same as writing better, which should be my real resolution.
I do have a poetry reading coming up in two weeks, first one of the year, so for now I’m focusing on getting 3 poems written for that, and I’ve got the ideas, the themes, but the rhymes aren’t coming. One is about the speed of dark, one is that our minds cannot contain the thoughts which are within them, and the third is that wherever you are in the world, the sky is the same, the same gorgeous sunsets, the same vast expanse of blue, the same interesting cloud formations and it’s interesting how people on social media, whatever natural beauty or urban splendor surrounds them, will eventually point their cameras at the sky.
If I can finish those three in the next two weeks, that’s one resolution completed.

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