Looking for Answers to the Wrong Question

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial is over, and the chance that we will ever find out more than we already know about the Maxwell-Epstein honeypot is fading by the day.
I see, regularly, calls for investigation into their clients, and I, too, would like to see a full list of names, but that would not be enough. That is not even the point. The big question is not who, but why.
We know the list includes some major and powerful figures. Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew are names which come up repeatedly but there were many,many more…billionaires, board members, publishers, politicians, movie stars and royalty.
They were transported to a paradise island by private jet where they could have sex with underage women, and the only word in that sentence which makes the whole thing illegal is underage. Why was that even a part of it? If their goal was to ingratiate themselves with the rich and powerful, or to make money, or just to give their friends a rollicking good time, they could have employed women over the age of 18. Neither Bill, nor Don, nor Andy ever had any objection to having sex with women over 18.
So, it seems obvious that using women who were underage had a purpose. I would like to point out at this point, although feminists and other woke types will hate me for it (if any of them even read this blog) that the women in question were 16 or 17, and probably knew they were engaging in prostitution. They were not 12 and 13 year olds. They were not kidnapped and thrown into the back of a van with a black bag over their heads. They were just young enough for the operation to be criminal.
I submit that that was deliberate. You couldn’t blackmail Donald Trump just by saying he’d had sex with a prostitute. Nor Prince Andrew, nor many of the others. Not even a surprising thing. But add in the underage factor and once those people had been to the island, Maxwell and Epstein had them by the balls. They would vote as they were told, they would exert influence as they were told.
Exactly what Maxwell and Epstein’s agenda was is one of those great mysteries which is still under wraps because nobody’s even asking questions about it.
Perhaps it was just to make them ever increasingly wealthy and powerful. Wealthy and powerful people do that a lot. Also, Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell), is extremely pro-Israel. We will never know for sure. It’s fairly certain, though, that she wasn’t doing it for women’s rights.

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  1. Tom Draper

    Good point. Actually, I think The girl Andrew is accused of sleeping with was 17 and a half at the time, even if he did sleep with her, that is maybe distasteful, but not illegal. He may well have not known she was trafficked, there is no allegation she could not leave the island whenever she wanted. Given that she has already been paid off once by Epstein, I can’t really see why she deserves any more money from Andrew, I would have more respect for her if she went to court just to prove it happened for no money. I am highly dubious over people suing years later over sex they may have had that was legal in the first place – just because one of them has money.

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