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I have succumbed to the latest Facebook craze. Wordle, at least, is far more interesting and challenging than most of the Facebook quizzes you see, which tell you that you are a genius if you can spot 5 differences between two pictures, which are fairly easy to spot, or perform a simple math operation, although I frequently get the math ones wrong because they are tricky bastards. It is certainly infinitely more challenging (and rewarding) than choosing your gangster/rapper/princess/hogwarts name by taking one from column a (your first name) one from column b (your birth month) and one from column c (your last name) which, honestly, I can’t understand why those exist. Phishing? If anybody wants to know my name, or my age, or my birthday, it’s right there in my profile.
As to wordle, it’s definitely not too easy. I get them right more than 50% of the time, but I have to think about it, and it gives me a good feeling when I get the right word, so it’s worth it. There is some strategy to the game. It’s a little bit like Hangman, but also a little bit like Battleship. You have to learn from your misses, you only get 6 chances, and the odds of getting it in the first one or two are astronomical.
Still, there are times when you do everything right, and still lose.
For example: After the third guess, I knew the word was -ight, and I’d already eliminated tight, sight, right, and light. Which left me with might, night and wight by my reckoning, but I was wrong. The word was hight, which the dictionary defines as (archaic, literary) meaning named, or called.
I’d never seen the word before in my life, but I guess the next time I’m reading Chaucer it might come in handy.

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